This morning, I woke up to what felt like an epiphany: what if, instead of being a digital nomad, people could find freedom as a digital homebody?

If digital nomads are location-independent entrepreneurs, then digital homebodies are home-based entrepreneurs. Yes, there are people who have been doing remote-work from home for years but now the “field” has to be expanded.

We are living in unprecedented times. Businesses and schools are closed; “non-essential” workers are at home, students are at home, daycare babies are at home… and online shopping and orders are increasing.

Is there anything that can be taken from being a digital nomad, like from the “luxury” of relaxing on a foreign beach, that can be applied to being a digital homebody today?

I almost wanted to look up and register a new domain name — but I always get carried away.

I really need to just stick to the website projects that I already have and expand on them.

So I just let myself ruminate and asked myself if what’s going on in the world could serve as a new economic catalyst. If it wasn’t for a pandemic, people would eventually be brought to this point because of the rapid digital changes taking place in different industries (with automization). I looked up some words, took some screenshots, and then let the idea go.

Later I shared it with m’ija. She wondered how many people would be “creative to the thought” — in other words, how many people would actually do something while in quarantine to set themselves up for what may be a difficult road ahead?

For us, adapting to what’s going on is a must. There are many what-ifs. One is, will stay-at-home orders be extended beyond nights and weekends? Where we live, on the Navajo Nation reservation, we will be having a second mandatory all-weekend curfew… with a $1,000 violation fine being enforced by the local police.

We are concerned and pray for everyone. But, for our Mexican relations, we wonder how they are and will be doing? There are those in agriculture who, despite being deemed “essential” for the country’s food-security, can be deported at any moment.

Also, many Mexicans come from service-oriented backgrounds. When the economy is “officially” re-opened, will service-oriented jobs become more limited or specialized (like with an increase of drop-off or pick-up experiences rather than, let’s say, dine-in)?

For us, maybe a new label for our remote-work at home activities would expand our creativity? I guess we could now be called “digital homegirls” to remind ourselves of our cultural and ethnic background in the midst of change. Maybe this will help us think of other approaches or methods to being digital homebodies that would be more inclusive of all parts of society.

Are you an experienced or new digital homebody? What are your thoughts?